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Regulations – 2013

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1.1 Championship Series

This series shall hereafter be designated as the St Louis Region Road Racing Championship, also known as the SR3C Championship (and also referred to herein as SR3C or Championship or series), and shall determine annually the champion St Louis Region race drivers in SCCA Regional-race competition classes listed in Section 9.1 of the GCR.

1.2 Term of the Series

The series will begin with the first Regional race and shall end with the last Regional race held at Gateway Motorsports Park during the calendar year.

1.3 Additional Classes

The Region also shall provide championships in the following classes:

a. Club Ford (CF): Rules will be those adopted for the SR3C Championship as set out in Appendix A of these regulations.

b. Improved Touring E (ITE): Rules will be those adopted for the SR3C Championship as set out in Appendix B of these regulations.

c. Improved Touring 7 (IT7): Rules will be those adopted for the SR3C Championship as set out in Appendix C of these regulations.

d. GT America (GTA): Rules will be those adopted for the GTA class in the Southeast Division Regional Class Rules. The complete rules may be found on the Internet at

All Regional Races included in the SR3C Championship must provide competition for these classes.

1.4 Formula First Tires

Competitors in the Formula First class may use any of the Tire Options specified in GCR for Formula First. Tires on all four corners of the car must comply with specifications of a single Tire Option. Mixing of the options is not permitted.

1.5 Participation Level for Additional Classes

All classes listed in 1.3 above shall retain their Championship status as long as they achieve, in each season, a minimum of three registered drivers with at least one driver having met all Championship qualifications by season’s end. A class failing to meet these minimums will be on probation for two years. If in either of those two years it meets the minimums, its probation shall end. A class unable to meet the minimums in that time shall be terminated from the Championship. A class newly added will have three years to meet the minimums. (NOTE: No class is currently on probation.)

1.6 End of Season Eligibility

Any car listed in a GCR National class as of the SCCA Runoffs will remain eligible in that same class through the last race of the SR3C season. Preparation changes permitted to take effect as of the Monday following the Runoffs are permitted in the Mid-Am only if the GCR has not moved the car to a different class.


2.1 Membership Required

Only members of the SCCA Regions in the Midwest Division are eligible.

2.2 License Requirement

Competitors must be SCCA members eligible to race in Regional events according to GCR 3.1.4.

2.3 Participation in the Series

Any driver licensed according to item 2.2 above will be eligible to enter the series.

2.4 Registration for the Series

Registration for the series must be made upon an application form available from the member’s Regional Executive or Regional competition chairman, a race registrar, or any other source. Registration forms must be accompanied by the registration fee. No points will be awarded to a competitor until after the registration form and required fee have been received and posted by the SR3C points keeper. Registrations will not be accepted when fewer than four races are left in the season.

2.5 Registration Fee

Annual registration fee will be $10 for each class entered to be used for Decals and trophies.

2.6 Decals

Each entrant will receive three decals reflecting his participation in the series. Two must be mounted on the sides of the car in the vicinity of the SCCA Field Logo. The third must be mounted on the rearmost bodywork in the most vertical rear-facing position possible (this sentence shall not apply to formula cars which have no possible rear-facing mounting location). Drivers competing in a SR3C race without all of the required decals in their proper location may be considered ineligible for SR3C points from that race.

2.7 Withdrawal of Registered Contenders

A driver will be withdrawn from contention in the SR3C for a given class if he requests of the points keeper in writing to be withdrawn.


3.1 Designation

All St Louis Region Regional races scheduling competition for all classes cited under section 1 of these regulations will be SR3C series races unless the Region specifically exempts the event from the series. In such cases, the Region has the obligation to include in its supplementary regulations a statement to the effect that the event will not count for SR3C points, and to notify the points keeper of its non-series status.

3.2 Race Length

Series races will be scheduled for at least 15 minutes duration or at least 20 miles.

3.3 Interrupted Races

Even if a race is terminated before the overall leader has run the scheduled distance, it will be determined a complete race and series points will be awarded.

3.4 Entry Forms

Each SR3C Regional race entry form should bear the wording, either on the entry blank itself or within its supplementary regulations, that the Regional race is “an event of the SR3C Racing Championship.”

3.5 Points Keeping

The Event Chair will see that a record of the finishing results and registrations, and Trophy Fund fees are sent to the points keeper within 48 hours. Trophy Fund fees should be accounted for by the Region under the Club Racing’s account.

3.6 Multiple-driver races

Races providing for co-drivers shall not be permitted in the series.


4.1 Race Frequency

All races at Gateway Motorsports Park will count for all Classes that can participate. Regional “only” Classes that cannot always participate will be scored on the Events where they can. For example, in 2013, due to the summer Majors Event IT cars would only be scored for the four races run as part of the Spring and Fall events!


5.1 Points

SR3C points will be awarded according to GCR 3.9.1.B Point Awards, plus half a point for each finisher who does not otherwise earn points.

5.2 Bonus Race Points

The Region may declare the final race of the year as a Bonus Race! Points to qualified entrants in the Bonus Race will be awarded at double the rate cited in GCR 3.9.1.B Point Awards, plus one point for each finisher who does not otherwise earn points. Any driver registered for the series who has not qualified for the Bonus Race will earn points according to item 5.1 above.

5.3 Minimum Number of Events

Points must be earned in class in at least three series races. Drivers must be listed as a starter in at least four races.

5.4 Maximum Number of Events

There is no Maximum number of events that qualify for points. All Gateway Motorsports Park Events that the Class is eligible to run will be counted towards the Championship.

5.5 Champions

Class champions will be those drivers having the highest series scores in each class.

5.6 Ties for awards

If two or more drivers tie for an award-winning in the final standings, the higher-placed driver will be the one who:

a. Has the most first-place points finishes.

b. Has the most higher finishes when the records of the tied drivers in direct competition with each other are


c. If a tie still remains, it will stand and duplicate awards will be presented.

 5.7 Granting of Points

In awarding points, only drivers registered for the series will be considered. Those drivers not registered as of the weekend of the event will not be considered.


6.1 Appointment

The SR3C points keeper will be appointed each year by the Regional Executive and approved by the Club Racing committee.

6.2 Championship Records

The points keeper will record all series event results and will periodically report to the REGION’s Club Racing Committee the points earned by all drivers by events and classes.

6.3 Driver Mailings

The points keeper will mail a full compilation of points standings to all registered series participants after the conclusion of the season. During the season full points standings will be updated on the Region’swebsite ( after each race.

6.4 Administrative Rule Changes

The points keeper is authorized to make administrative rule changes as necessary to correct errors or omissions, or to comply with GCR as corrected by the SCCA Competition Board. Any such changes made after publication of the current SR3CR Regulations must be promulgated to all SR3C drivers and members of the St Louis Region’s Club Racing Committee.


7.1 Championship Awards

Awards will be given to drivers placing first through third in each class.

7.2 Driver of the Year

One driver shall be designated “SR3C Driver of the Year” annually, to be awarded a special plaque to be presented at the St Louis Region Annual Banquet. The award shall be given to the driver who attains the highest SR3C Championship score in any one class and two wins in their respective class. If a tie exists, the award will go to the driver who, in one class:

a. Scores the most victories considering only drivers registered for the SR3C;

b. Scores the most outright victories. An outright victory is a win over all

drivers entered in a class of at least two starters.

c. Scores the most second-place finishes among registered drivers;

d. Scores the most third-place finishes among registered drivers;

e. If a tie still remains, it will stand and duplicate awards will be presented.


8.1 Expenses

The expenses of the SR3C will be financed from the Trophy Fund or Sponsorships and administered by the St Louis Region’s Club Racing Committee Treasure.

8.2 Trophy Fund

A Trophy Fund fee of $10.00 for each Driver Registering for the SR3C.

8.3 Points Fund

a. Any funds received for the benefit of the SR3C Championship from a sponsor or other sources intended for distribution among drivers in the series shall be deposited in the Points Fund, except that 10% of the amount will be credited to the Trophy Fund.

b. At the end of the calendar year, after the last series race has been run, Points Fund monies will be divided among the top four drivers in each of the classes eligible for Mid-Am championships as determined by the following ratio:

Champion — 4 shares

Second Place — 3 shares

Third Place — 2 shares

Fourth Place — 1 share

The shares earned by all drivers placing in the top four positions in the SR3C Championship Classes shall be added to determine the total shares required. The amount available in the Points Fund shall be divided by total shares, rounded down to the nearest whole cent, to determine the amount of one share.

c. If a tie for a Points-Fund-paying position is unbreakable through item 5.6, the money for all the positions involved in the tie shall be divided evenly among those tied. For example, if two drivers tie for the championship, each shall receive 3½ shares; all drivers tied for fourth place shall divide the one share evenly.

d. If a sponsor should contribute to the Points Fund for the benefit of a specific class, that contribution shall be paid out to the drivers in that class according to 8.3b above.

e. A sponsor may, at his option, choose to supersede the payout ratio specified in 8.3b above by specifying another payout plan of his own choosing.

f. Any funds left over in the Points Fund at the end of the year will be transferred to the Trophy Fund for the following year.

 8.4 Accounting

The points keeper will render a complete accounting of the Trophy Fund and Points Fund to the St Louis Club racing Committee at its first meeting of each year, and at any other reasonable time at the request of the St Louis Club racing Committee chairman.


9.1 Rules

In all competition procedures not specifically set forth above, the GCR shall be followed.

9.2 SR3C Not Restrictive

The SR3C series herein provided for is not restrictive of any of the activities and procedures of any SCCA Region and is for the sole purpose of supplementing the established SCCA racing program as well as strengthening and dignifying St Louis Region SCCA racing for both competitors and sponsors.


SR3C Rules for Club Ford (CF)

A. The purpose of these rules is to provide “inexpensive” Regional racing for owners of older Formula Fords.

B. All Club Fords must comply with all SCCA rules applicable for Formula F, and display the designation (per GCR) of “CF” or “CFF”

C. It is the responsibility of the driver/entrant to prove the eligibility of his car on request.

D. Club Ford is open to all Formula F chassis built prior to January 1, 1985, with at least one end having spring/shock unit mounted outboard of the frame.

E. Permitted modifications:

1. Any modification solely for driver safety or comfort (i.e. added roll bar protection)

2. Bodywork is free within GCR dimensions (i.e. Crossle bodywork may be fitted to a Club Ford Merlyn chassis)

3. Make and update of driveshafts are free.

4. Springs, shocks, anti-roll bars and steering racks are free, providing they fit the original locations and

suspension geometry; and the wheelbase/track remain the same or as permitted in item G below.

5. Any Formula Ford built from January 2, 1981, to January 1, 1985, may be permitted in CF if the inboard.

Shocks are mounted in an upright vertical configuration. These cars will have an additional 50-pound weight Adder for a combined driver/car weight of 1150 pounds.

 F. Chassis/bodywork changes must not violate the spirit of these rules. Thus, water radiators may be moved from a side location to the nose, or vice versa, but may not be relocated to an inboard midship position. Likewise, suspension and front brakes may not be converted from outboard to inboard configurations.

G. Cars updated to the specifications of a later car of the same make will be considered as the later model.

H. Eligibility/legality questions will be ruled upon by the Race Stewards after consultation with other Club Ford entrants.


SR3C Rules for Improved Touring – Endurance (ITE)

Concept: To permit cars prepared for professional or semi-pro showroom stock-based series, or cars not eligible for any current SCCA Improved Touring class, to compete at Midwest Division events in their own class.

A. Cars eligible for the ITE class are cars which have been prepared for any past or current professional or semi-pro showroom stock-based racing series or cars not eligible for any current SCCA Improved Touring class which are prepared to the current Improved Touring rules.

B. Cars must meet minimum safety requirements as defined in the GCR and ITCS for Improved Touring cars. This includes all items in GCR Section 9 which are applicable to IT cars, ITCS Section 9.a, and all items in ITCS Section 10.

C. Cars must run tires and fuel as defined in the ITCS.

D. The driver of the car must, upon demand, be able to produce the appropriate series rules containing the specifications under which the car fits. A car may be prepared to one set of rules only; no mixing of different series rules, or different years of the same series, is allowed.


SR3C Rules for Improved Touring – RX7 (IT7)

Cars eligible are 1979-1985 Mazda RX7 automobiles with the 12A rotary engine as prepared according to the GCR rules and specifications for Improved Touring A.