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Want a taste of wheel to wheel without jumping through hoops?

SCCA Club Racing Experience pilot event in St. Louis April 20-21, 2013

April 20 & 21, 2013
$175 / race or $300 for Weekend
Registration REQUIRED! Go to

St. Louis Region is proud to present the first ever anywhere SCCA Club Racing Experience at Gateway Motorsports Park.   This new pilot program is all about breaking down barriers to entry – you asked for it, you got it!
Your weekend entry includes two qualifying sessions and two side by side rolling start “races” in a low pressure, just for fun, no contact environment.

You’ll need:
  • a GCR legal race car, at the ITA/Spec Miata performance level or lower (with some exceptions, see below)
  • an SCCA annual or weekend membership
  • a current state-issued driver’s license
  • driver’s suit, helmet, gloves, shoes and socks.
  • the ability to drive within your limits and yield the corner
  • a positive attitude as we pilot this brand new program!
You won’t need:
  • a competition license
  • a current vehicle logbook
  • a physical (you will have to affirm that you are fit to race)
  • a head and neck restraint (but one is highly recommended)
What CRX is:
  • A chance to go wheel-to-wheel in a controlled environment.
  • An chance to put a friend behind the wheel of your race car
  • A great way to see if wheel-to-wheel competition is for you
What CRX isn’t:
  • A race.  No classes or trophies, just fun and “bragging rights”.
  • A driver’s school.  Track time will be logged and may count toward license requirements, but details are still under development.
Vehicles and driver safety equipment must comply with regulations specified in the SCCA General Competition Rules (GCR), except
  • head and neck restraints are recommended but not required
  • expired harnesses in good condition will be allowed
  • the chief steward may waive minor deviations
On track behavior will be closely supervised with extreme courtesy and control expected.  Off track excursions or aggressive maneuvers will be black flagged.  Drivers responsible for contact may be subject to dismissal from the event and/or probation.

Additional information on this new program may be found in the January Fastrack under “SCCA RacingExperience guidelines”.
Contact CRX Chief Instructor Peter Zekert with questions.




This event will include on-track sessions under the new racing experience pilot program, CRX (Club Racing Experience), and will be run under the guidelines published by the SCCA Board of Directors in the January 2013 Fastrack. The intent of the program is to provide a Club Racing Experience to novice drivers in a safe and monitored environment. The guidelines are attached as a separate document labeled Appendix A of the Supplemental Regulations. Drivers wanting to enter this program will be expected to read and sign a copy of this Appendix. When the signed Appendix is presented to the Chief Steward, a Driver Log Book will be issued for the driver and maintained by the Chief Steward. The Driver Log Book will be used to record driver on-track performance and will be presented to the driver at the end of the event.  The Chairman, Stewards of the Meet, will collect the signed copies of Appendix A and include them with the Observers’ report.

Drivers in this program will be expected to follow the rules as specified in Chapter 6 of the General Competition Rules (Racing Rules and Procedures) while participating in the event.  Technical inspection will be limited to just those items specifically addressed in Appendix A.

The Chief Steward for the Club Racing Experience sessions will be the Midwest Division’s Executive Steward and in cooperation with the Region’s representative, may modify the Schedule of Events, race group configurations and/or details related to this race group only.  This program will be exempt from the usual Protest Process in place at SCCA Road Racing events.


The following was approved by the BOD and published in the January 2013 Fastrack:

SCCA Racing Experience guidelines.

It is the intent of this category of event to be a low risk “racing experience” event that provides an instructional environment to experience and learn about wheel to wheel racing in an easy to access format. These events shall be run as a separate run group with an SCCA Club Racing or SCCA Time Trial event, or as a standalone event. Events may be sanctioned by SCCA Regions or Chapters on race tracks approved for SCCA Club Racing or SCCA Time Trials.

Participation is open to any SCCA regular or weekend member. Members must possess and are responsible for recording participation in a SCCA Racing Experience Participation Log. Logs may be issued by SCCA licensed Stewards or Registrars. Participants must certify they have no know medical conditions that would cause them or others undue risk.

Vehicles are intended to be production based vehicles with a performance level equal or less than normal in Club Racing classes Spec Miata or Improved Touring A. Spec Racer Fords may also be included. Vehicles that demonstrate performance higher that those levels may be excluded by the Chief Steward of the event.

Club Racing Experience (CRX) Supplemental Regulations                       

All vehicles must meet the safety and equipment requirements of GCR 9.3.except:

9.3.19 G, All driver restraint systems shall have been certified under one of the following: SFI specification 16.1, 16.5, or FIA specification 8853/98 or 8854/98 and be in good shape with no signs of wear of fading,

And 9.3.20.C the use of a head and neck restraint system that has been certified in accordance with SFI 38.1, FIA 8858-2002 or 88598-2010 is strongly recommended.

All vehicles must meet the safety and equipment requirements of GCR 9.4. “Roll cages for GT and Production based cars” or Appendix I, “2007 Cage Rules”.

The Chief Steward may waive deviations of compliance requirements for a car for an event.

Officials required for an event are the Chief Steward, Safety Steward and Chief Instructor.

The Chief Steward and Safety Steward must have a current license as a Steward in either SCCA Club Racing or Time Trials. The Chief Instructor must have a Current Club Racing or Time Trial Competition License or equivalent experience.

On track behavior will be in the spirit of GCR section 6. Any participant found to be overaggressive or dangerous may be black flagged and counseled by the Chief Instructor or his designee or excluded from the event. At a minimum any participant being found at fault in an accident will be put on probation for a recommended 13 months. Any participant being found at fault in an accident while on probation will be excluded for further participation in these events for 13 months.